If you follow RC Blakes online, you know that he has a motivational book titled Queenology.

Even though many women understand the concept of being a queen, not every woman

understands the framework and how to develop herself to embody and exhibit the qualities

of the queen they were meant to be. RC Blakes makes it clear that women are born

regal, but lose their ability to exhibit the qualities because of the mentality they have

adopted through trauma or circumstance.

Here are some takeaways:

Queens need other queens to grow spiritually, mentally, and in many cases,

financially. By not accepting women as they are, with no harm intended, you're limiting your

opportunities for growth. A woman who can work with other women is a strong force to be

reckoned with. In the book, he also speaks about leveraging your resources and pursuing

mentorship— especially, from women who have been through struggles and strife. Adding

credentials to your resume is part of your growth because no queen remains stagnant.

Trust me when I say this can be the most difficult... But, vent in private and stay

composed in public. Not everyone needs to see your weaknesses because many ill-willed

people will use it to their advantage whether it be to shame you or smear your name. Vent in

private, stay composed in public.

Choosing your friend's wisely is crucial because not everyone is meant to be in your

circle. True friends uphold your reputation even when you're not around. You do not want

people in your circle who are risky and have the ability to bring you down. In other words,

"You're as good as the company you keep." You don't need a large circle, just a quality


There are other takeaways from the book, but I don't want to give them all away. All-in-all,

this book is highly recommended, along with his YouTube videos.

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Many women, especially women of color, have a hard time breaking the glass ceiling.

There are numerous barriers that women face based on the stigmas and stereotypes that

are racial, cultural, and gender based. Unfortunately, speaking up about mistreatment can

cost women their positions and careers. Black and brown women face the highest risks

because of the racial stereotypes of being 'difficult' or seen as threatening.

Claire Wasserman combines studies

with real life experiences to help

teach women about our history in the

workforce and ways to overcome

even the most challenging obstacles.

Leveraging your talents and not doing everything by the structure that has been set by

society are keys to redefining your career path. Pride yourself on being reliable, but not

always predictable.

After doing an online search on this author, I discovered that she has an entire network of

women who she has helped through her Ladies Get Paid events. One of the women is none

other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a politician and a U.S. Representative for the 14th

congressional district in New York. Her network can be seen on YouTube, Facebook,

Instagram, and Twitter.

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Updated: Mar 13

Many people consider Sundays to be a day of rest and it still can be. But, depending on who

you are, it is also a day of reflection and revitalization. Before we go back into the hustle and bustle of the following Monday, it’s important to be prepared. Sitting on a couch all day or in the bed is not going to always prepare you for the week ahead. In fact, you may be caught off course by having to jump directly into a busy work schedule.

Here are some tips to help you reflect for the upcoming week and revitalize your mind, body, and soul:

Get Your Morning Motivation On

As someone who sleeps next to her laptop, before I get out of the bed, I’m listening to something that is going to help me improve my habits, relationships, or skills. You are going into a week of ups and downs–a lot of obligations–unwanted aches and pains. Listen to something that gives you structure and a sense of direction, even if it’s simply reaffirming what you already know.

Enjoy Early Morning Exercises

You do not have to do a heavy workout to release stress and give yourself some “get up and go” before the following week. Enjoying a nice walk or even yoga will help you to ease into the work week. Going back to work may be less disappointing than if you sit in the bed or on the couch all day waiting for the day to pass. We all know those people who come into work with a chip on their shoulder and are extremely slow when it comes to starting their day. These people are often the people who spend their Sundays eating, sitting, and sleeping. Give yourself a head start!

Read, Write, or Do Something Creative

A lot of writers and people who create online content use Sundays as the time to finish their work and add any finishing touches. Notice that I said finish their work and add any finishing touches. This means that no one should spend the time they should have used during the week to complete all their work. Writing in a journal or on a blog can give you something to look forward to. Simply writing down your goals or creating content can give you more confidence and give you more of a defined purpose.

If you don’t believe in writing or journaling, it’s okay. Creating something that you can take ownership of gives you an entirely new perspective on your career. It also reminds you that your work is what you do, it is not everything that you are. You are wonderful, amazing, talented, and skilled—this is the mindset that you need to show up to work with.

Get Your Laundry Done

Raise your hand if you do laundry on Fridays and Saturdays! If your hand is raised, good for you because I am not one of those people. It usually takes less than five minutes to put your clothes in the washer, and then take them out and put them in the dryer. Folding may take a little longer, but what else are you doing?

Call Friends and Loved Ones

During these times, especially with the pandemic, people have found themselves alone and having to deal with the stress of daily life on their own. You need to talk to someone because we all need human interaction. Do not spend an entire weekend without talking to people. Your dog or cat is not enough and they can’t give advice or bring you up to speed with the latest happenings. If you don’t have family or friends, join a club or organization that meets on the weekends, preferably Sunday.

Well, I hope this helps and enjoy your Sunday!

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